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Reliable Chip Repairs & Aquapel® Glass Treatment

D & R Glass of Venango County in Seneca, Pennsylvania, offers chip repairs and Aquapel glass treatment services. Trust in us to help you see clearly and drive safely.

Chip Services

Chip repairs are provided by our skilled technicians. However, we do not recommend repairing chips in the driver's critical line of vision - and most insurance companies agree with us. A chip smaller than a quarter can be repaired, but this doesn't mean the chip will disappear entirely.

Chip repairs improve the appearance of your windshield, but some imperfections may remain. If you aren't satisfied with the results and want the windshield replaced, we'll deduct the repair cost from the replacement. Be aware that there is a small rate of failure when it comes to chip repairs, due to the weakness of the crack.

For this reason, we will not be held responsible. Most insurance companies waive your comprehensive deductible for repairs. If you should decide to replace the windshield, the deductible will apply at that time.

Aquapel Services

Aquapel glass treatment uses technologies innovated for the aviation industry by PPG Industries, the leaders in glass technology. When applied to your windshield, it improves vision in the rain, day and night. It forms a chemical bond with the glass, unlike other products that simply coat the class. This repels water, causing it to bead and shed off the glass. Aquapel glass treatments can last up to six times longer than other water repelling products.

Each box contains one applicator, and it remains highly effective after months of normal use. You'll feel safe driving in rain and snow. It even lasts through car washing and glass cleaning. When it's time to renew your treatment, it can be restored in just minutes with another application. Once you've experienced driving with an Aquapel glass treatment, you won't want to drive without it.

Benefits of Aquapel

  • Remarkably Improves Vision in the Rain
  • Repels Rain, Snow, & Sleet
  • Reduces Glare in the Rain (Especially at Night)
  • Lasts for Months in Normal Driving Conditions
Contact us in Seneca, Pennsylvania, to ask about our expertly applied Aquapel glass treatments and chip repairs.