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Long-Lasting Auto Glass & Windshield Replacements

Auto glass and windshield replacements are what we do best at D & R Glass of Venango County in Seneca, Pennsylvania. In addition to replacing broken glass, our technicians always make sure that your vehicle is completely clean of glass remains before returning the vehicle to you.

Windshield Glass

Car windshields are made of safety glass, a special construction designed to offer the best possible safety in a crash. This type of glass is made of two pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl in between them. When small objects hit a piece of safety glass, only the first layer breaks. In a more severe impact, the glass will “shatter,” but it will not fly apart. The broken pieces of glass hold to the vinyl inner lining to prevent glass from flying into the passenger area.

Glass Services

At our auto glass shop, we offer a limited warranty on windshield installations, and guarantee against leaks for as long as you own your vehicle. This warranty does not cover leaks, stress cracks, or related damage on vehicles with pinch weld rust and/or structural damage. Before installation, we make every effort to inform and show you such damage.

Tempered Glass

Door glass and back window glass have been “tempered,” or put through a special process where it is heated and them rapidly cooled. This makes the auto glass up to ten times stronger than non-tempered glass of the same thickness. Tempered glass doesn't shatter on impact - instead, it explodes into dull-edged pieces. This leaves no large, jagged pieces to potentially injure the driver or passengers.
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